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Make Your Music Legendary

 By Micheal Smith

MakeYour Music Legendary

The straight boom bap sound seemed to have been the origin of rap music and many of the rap instrumental beats that are blossoming and blooming on all of the airwaves and many of the social media sites immediately capturing the attention of the listeners as surely as if a microphone had amplified the message. Rap music is being interspersed between other forms of music like R & B and Pop where the rapper sends home the heart of the message right in the middle of the song.

The need for rap music grew out of a need to be heard just as clearly as every disc jockey or other popular television or radio show personality. The quick, rhythmic and notably boastful or worldly conscious form of music has been around long enough to have gained a place in popular cultures all over the globe and is the mother/father of many of the hip hop beats that are growing as a vibrant music form and is now exceedingly popular among teenagers and young adults.

The word ‘rap’ is of itself informal and its cool assertiveness makes those who listen to it feel the power of speaking their minds by rapping over rap beats that are either familiar or created just for the message that they want to be heard.

Former boxer Muhammad Ali’s skill at boxing and being able to take down an opponent with a series of knockout punches made him famous and speeded his climb to the top.

However, it was his incessant musical boasting like a modern day rap artist, his ability to improvise the most rhythmic lyrical answers to the press while being questioned on his prowess before a fight and his determination to do exactly what he promised, which made Muhammad Ali legendary!

Set the rap or hip hop beats as the backdrop for words which are as powerful as this legendary lyrical boxer’s. It is guaranteed that every ‘punch line’ will be delivered as solidly as the force at the end of a boxer’s glove.

There is no room for the shy or the faint at heart when it comes to rap or hip hop music. Tips for rap artists would include the right stance for rapping, the image or profile to portray and most importantly where to buy the best beats online to ensure that their music has a professional cutting edge from the beginning.

Rapping over any rap beat is a skill that comes with lots of practice. There are some individuals whose thoughts flow without the need of a pen and paper like the legendary Notorious B.I.G.  However, most rap artists like heavy weight champion boxers take hours of training in the ring that includes a good microphone, an audience of even one and the ability to fluidly practice their boast with words and the confidence that the beats which have been bought online can hold the weight of these powerful lyrics!






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