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  5 Ways To Sell Music Online

sell music

If you have become quite passionate in music making, but you haven't had any exposure, then there are a couple alternative things you can do to make it in this industry. The music industry is considered to be one of the toughest businesses to break into, not only because there is so much competition, but because it is literally impossible to please everyone.

Trying to be someone in the music world is going to be a challenge, but luckily, the old fashion ways of selling music aren't the only ways anymore. One of the most popular methods of selling music at the moment is on the Internet.

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7Reasons Why Rappers Buy Beats Online


The exploding online music scene has allowed for unprecedented numbers of aspiring musicians to record and post their work on sites like Youtube and iTunes for a huge worldwide audience in the hopes of finding success. Many musicians have found this to be an effective strategy. Some are now huge household names boasting record sales and large fanbases eager to buy, share, and promote their work.

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hip hop producers

7 Tips On Finding The Right Hip Hop Producers

There is a lot of talk these days about doing everything on your own and producing hip hop from the comfort of your home with the right computer software. However the truth is that it is very rare to come across a successful record made without the help of a good hip hop producer.

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Make Your Music Legendary

MakeYour Music Legendary

The straight boom bap sound seemed to have been the origin of rap music and many of the rap instrumental beats that are blossoming and blooming on all of the airwaves and many of the social media sites immediately capturing the attention of the listeners as surely as if a microphone had amplified the message. Rap music is being interspersed between other forms of music like R & B and Pop where the rapper sends home the heart of the message right in the middle of the song.

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Top 5 Headphones For Studio Recording

top 5 headphones

It's not easy to choose the right and effective recording studio headphones to suit your needs, why? one reason- most are amazing, the one's on this list all have great and pure quality sound, they are all extremely comfortable plus they're all created for studio and monitoring. In this particular list I am going to show you my top 5 headphones, immediately after each and every headphones that I will critique, I'll inform you the huge benefits and the cons of each headphone, but nevertheless the choice is yours if you ever look to purchase one of these great ear pieces.

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What You Need To Build A Home Recording Studio

Home Recording StudioBack in the day it took massive amounts of cash flow to build even the simpliest home recording studio. Then the automated software digital era came and changed the game forever and now it seems crazy to spend 10,000 to 20,000 on studio gear.
In the event your producing music as your primary business, it is always effective to purchase high quality music gear or software for your studio. I am goint to show you some products that you should look at when trying to build a home recording studio...

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Vocal Recording Tips For Music Artist

Vocal Recording Tips

Hip hop vocals, like in any other genre, are the soul of the song. A lot of young artists have the is conception that softwares can do anything these days. While this is true to an extent, there in nothing better than a well defined and perfectly recorded vocal track. It becomes a‘diamond in the rough’ that can be polished and cut beautifully at the mixing table. Trying to EQ and make massive changes to a bad take will only fall under the ‘Polish a turd and it is still a turd’ category. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that you have a perfect vocal take.

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The Top 5 Music Production Software Programs

Music Production Software

A lot of people in the world today have grown to be attracted to music. Other people just like singing or the notion of music, on the other hand some undertake developing or producing tunes like a serious matter. Yet because starting your own personal recording studio doesn’t come inexpensive, quite a few aspiring music artists prefer to do their own recording in their comforts of home. Through the help of studio software programs you virtually can build a top notch home studio system. Nevertheless, there are many to choose from we will look at the top music production software programs available today.

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