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Top Music Production Software Programs

Posted by: Robert Smith


A lot of people in the world today have grown to be attracted to music. Otherpeople just like singing or the notion of music, on the other hand some undertake developing or producing tunes like a serious matter.

Yet because starting your own personal recording studio doesn’t come inexpensive, quite a few aspiring music artists prefer to do their own recording in their comforts of home.

Through the help of studio software programs you virtually can build a top notch home studio system.

Nevertheless, there are many to choose from we will look at the top music production software programs available today.


1) Reason By Propellerhead


Reason Studio SoftwareAs early as the release of the initial software in the fall of 2000, Propellerhead Reason has long been in the front of the computerized digital music production and recording software industry.

Permitting artists and also producers of all stages plus musical genres to create high quality recording studio productions to their musical composition without the need to pay thousands of dollars for studio time.

Today, in its sixth version, Reason's studio remains to be on the list of the prominent recording studio programs available today.


Persistently improving upon its interface while adding progressive applications and benefits to grant individuals original control of the music contrary to any other.


Reason 6.5 By Propellerhead - $373.77


A good number of this programs strengths are included in the increased exposure of creation, arrangement and customization.

From the moment you open Reason individuals will have a variety of resources, features and lots and lots of effects to form, greatly enhance, master and alter individual sounds, as well as complete tunes and really transform them with all the editing features.

In my opinion Reason is the number #1 music production software on the market today!!


Product Details

♦ Rack Extension technology lets you expand your collection of instruments and effects with the devices you want

♦ Unlimited audio recording and instrument channels

♦ Fully featured high-precision multitrack sequencer with Blocks mode and audio comping tools

♦ High quality realtime time stretch & audio transpose

♦ Advanced exporting - export your separate mixer channels as individual audio stems, including effects and tempo track


2) Ableton Live 8


Ableton Live 8Nearly all recording studio software applications are ideal for stationary use in a fixed facility, Ableton Live is actually tried, certified and exquisite for live concert functionality.

Mixing up the recording, editing and enhancing tools and features of the highest quality recording applications with real-time effects, sequencers, loop equipment to give hip hop artist a strong sound representation on stage.

Performers and also producers in all musical type genres can take full advantage of live shows and also havea full recording studio at home to complete their hip hop beats, no other software can bring that to the table like Ableton Live.


Ableton Live 8 - 394.21

Along with its visually-oriented, well-organized interface and potent tools and features, Ableton live has developed and maintained a flourishing community of artists and also producers that actually get involved in videos along with user-guides, contributing a certain amount of expertise and knowledge to the already-in-depth help sections.


Thankfully, with Ableton Live, the trying to learn challenge is enormously decreased and receiving specialized understanding and training is always just a couple clicks away.


Product Details

♦ Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz

♦ Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo

♦ Powerful and creative MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments

♦ Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching

♦ Designed with the creative studio process and performing artist in mind




3) Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro tool music softwarePro Tools 10 is considered the most innovative release associated with Avid's Digital Workstations which unfortunately succeeds sort of a multi-track tape dat and mixer yet will work inside of the computerized sector.

It offers individuals a large number of increased competencies not to mention allowing you to add additional software applications and hardware equipment to help satisfy your musical production needs.


Pro Tools is really the most dominate DAW inside the music production business and its also used by many professional music artists from all genres of the music including hip hop, club, and pop.

You actually can get a real professional studio quality sound from the comforts of your home with this package.


Avid Pro Tools 10 - $476.82

You can easily modify your Rap beats utilizing the built-in editing and enhancing resources, create effects that are included within the system.

The only downfall I could find with Pro Tools, is the price tag on this baby almost $500 big faces!!


Product Details

♦ Unleash your creativity with the award-winning toolset

♦ Get unrivaled sound quality, now with even higher resolution

♦ Work the way you want-with an interface or without

♦ Create bigger mixes, with up to 96 audio tracks

♦ Compose with virtual instruments and MIDI and Score Editors


4) Image-Line Fl Studio 10


Fl studio music production softwareThere are a lot of commercial rap beats created with Image-line's FL Studio music recording software program.

From hip hop to club to electronic to pop and other music genres.

Some of the biggest producers in the hip hop world have used this program to crank out hits including Lex Luger and Kace Beats of Cash Money fame.

There's really no reason why anyone shouldn't be capable of create terrific tracks using FL Studio.

I've been an Fl studio fan for a while this was my first software so its my first love.

You may want to check out the other software programs on this list if you need a more extensive home production studio.


But don't get me wrong you can do major things with fl studio, specifically for rap instrumentals as well as dubstep beats.


FL Studio Fruity Edition V10 - $94.65

FL Studio Producer Edition - $194.99

FL Studio Signature Bundle - $294.99


In addition you get a really competitive price for fl studio, free life long improvements, easy to manage user interface, awesome effects and music instruments, FL Studio is a great deal for up and coming artist and producers.


Product Details

♦ Newest Version 10 with 100's of improvements, additions, and bugfixes.

♦ Includes Lifetime FREE UPDATES!

♦ Includes FL Studio Producer Edition PLUS a collection of Image Line's signature plugins

♦ The addition of Maximus will make your final mix down process easier and have you putting out professional sounding masters in less time!

♦ Includes All Producer Edition features plus: SoundFont sample player, Video player, DirectWave, Sytrus, Maximus, Hardcore



Hector Garay is Hip Hop Producer and founder of the production company 2themillbeats.com. You can find him on Google+and Facebook . Over the last year Hector has dedicated himself to helping out up and coming artist with tips on how to promote and market music online.


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