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7 Tips For Finding The Right Hip Hop Producers

By: Hector Garay

There is a lot of talk these days about doing everything on your own and producing hip hop from the comfort of your home with the right computer software. 
However the truth is that it is very rare to come across a successful record made without the help of a good hip hop producer.
hip hop producers
Naturally the challenge is in being able to find not only a qualified producer but one who is just right for you.
You are unlikely to ever succeed without successfully navigating past this major initial hurdle that virtually every career has to go through.

Here are 7 valuable tips that will make a difference when looking for hip hop producers to help you become the next big thing in the industry.

1. Look for objectivity

It's okay if your producer is crazy about your music but at the end of the day what will help you is their ability to be objective.
This is one of the most critical roles of a producer. Indeed it is very possible to put everything together on your own and end up with something pretty decent but you will almost always end up programming yourself for failure in a highly competitive industry because your work will have lacked the huge benefits that objectivity always brings to any talent. 
Usually true objectivity will only be found in a producer with wide and varied experience.

2. Make sure you listen to as much of their previous work as you possibly can

Many artists and performers make the mistake of going with the first qualified hip hop producer they come across.
Especially if they have come highly recommended by somebody they know. 
This could be a grave mistake because every producer has their own style and way of doing things.

Be patient enough to consider several and take a critical look at all their work, no matter how successful it has been out there.
This should give you a very good idea of how things will progress working with them and what kind of final product they are capable of producing.

3. Is he the right producer for your unique style?

Hip hop typically uses drum machines, samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, turntables as well as live instrumentation.
Apart from being ultimately responsible for the final product, the hip hop producer is also sometimes referred to as the beatmaker because he also brings together all the different instruments that make up a beat.

All this means that it is very easy to sound like somebody else and end up with all your originality drowned by the working with the wrong producer.



4. Do they fit into your budget?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious and shooting for the sky.
Without this attitude it is unlikely that you will ever be successful. However you also need a reasonable dose of realism. 
And so it is important that you choose a producer who is comfortable with the kind of budget you have especially when starting out.

5. What kind of music style is your strength?

You must know your strengths and weaknesses.
This may not be very easy for somebody starting out but it is critical when seeking the right producer to work with because you want somebody who is best placed to enhance your strengths make up for your shortfalls.

Remember that a hip hop producer is very much involved in all aspects of production because they are supposed to guide you through the phrasing rhythm, pitch, emotion and so on.
They are literally your partner every single step of the way and the wrong partner can only produce a disaster.

6. How strong are their marketing skills

You can come up with the best hip hop but it is useless if nobody gets to hear it.
Marketing is an extremely important factor and do not make the mistake of thinking that it starts after the product is finished.

Marketing is something you need to start thinking of right from the onset and even as you are creating the music.
You need solid evidence about the marketing skills and ability of the hip hop producer that you choose because this will absolutely make or break your career.

7. Make sure that you ask for a trial session

There is no nightmare worse than starting out with a producer whom you thought would be perfect but then it just doesn't happen.
Meanwhile you have already spent a fortune and there are no signs that you will end up with a product anywhere near your expectations. 
That is why it is such a wise thing to ask for a free beats from the producer you feel you want to go with. It can save you plenty of grief.


Getting the right hip hop producer starts with you knowing exactly what you are looking for so that you can recognize it instantly when you find it.
Hopefully these tips will get you off to a good start. 

The Hip Hop Producer


Hector Garay is Hip Hop Producer and founder of the production company You can find him on Google+ and Facebook. Over the last year Hector has dedicated himself to helping out up and coming artist with tips on how to promote and market music online. 


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